About Us

Established in 1999, The Dream Vacation Club has established a reputation for really caring about its members. The Club  is owned by its members, backed and managed by the trusted leisure property developer, Leisure Options (Pty) Ltd.

In our demanding and fast-paced lives we all deserve a break every now and again, to recharge our batteries, spend quality time with our loved ones and enjoy some of the fruits of our hard work.

The Dream Vacation Club is a holiday lifestyle security, which allows you the member to ensure that you have the opportunity of taking your well deserved breaks. Our Club, which is owned by its members has secured and developed a wide selection of holiday accommodation within exclusive resorts across Southern Africa. Our own developments, both finalised and pending are managed by ourselves to ensure that our members receive the quality they deserve: top-class with attention to detail and a philosophy of always exceeding expectations.


In a short consultation with you we determine which level of membership will suit you best. For example: how many people usually travel with you?  How often do you travel? Do you prefer short breaks such as midweeks and weekends or longer such as a week or more? Are you bound by school holidays? Etc.

Based on this quick needs analysis we will propose a point allocation level. This point allocation can be redeemed by booking a holiday at one of our large selection of resorts, be it online or through our professional members services call centre. You will receive this allocation annually for as long as you remain a member of the Club. You only purchase the points once-off, with the option to upgrade anytime, but you will receive the allocation every year.


  1. Secure your leisure lifestyle
  2. Value for money offerings at sought after resorts not always available to general public
  3. Flexibility, use your points for longer stays such as multiple weeks, single weeks, midweeks or weekends
  4. You select the dates, the time of year, the destination and the size of accommodation
  5. Our eight month delivery promise helps to ensure that you get the holiday you want, when you want
  6. With our combined bargaining power the club includes other membership benefits such as reduced car rental and we are growing this product base constantly
  7. Our close relationship with other exchange programmes allows most membership levels access to international travel options
  8. Our in-house finance options allows you to enjoy dream holidays with flexible monthly payment options. This avoids the massive credit card bills after your return from your holiday or having to spend your whole annual bonus on holidays.
  9. Customer care is paramount, we listen to you and implement your wishes. Your voice counts when it comes to resorts we invest in, resort-maintenance and enhancements done. You assist by interacting with us through our e-guest survey system. Our current customer service level is at 85%, well above the industry average
  10. The peace of mind that you are joining a club that is owned by the members and works for its members.

The following options illustrate just how flexible the Dream Vacation Club points system really is:

  • You have the flexibility of using your available points for a midweek, weekend or full week(s);
  • When booking mulitple stays during a year you can book different seasons in different size units, depending on your points availability;
  • You can borrow up to 100% of next year's points allocation in order to go on an extended holiday, or book a higher category resort;
  • You may purchase additional points at any time - so that you can increase the length of your holiday time or upgrade your holiday requirements as your circumstances change;
  • You can accumulate your points for up to three years, provided that at the end of year three you must have used at least the first year's point allocation;
  • You are not restricted to unit size, time of year or the destination of your holiday;
  • You can even bequeath your points in your will to your loved ones; and
  • With our special bonus breaks you can enjoy fantastic and somewhat insane deals at significantly reduced points rates.

Joining is simple, just speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants. We are prepared, to meet with you at a location most convenient to you and coffee is on us. No strings attached as they say.

Contact us by calling: 0860 10 23 74 or email info@dreamresorts.co.za 

Alternatively just send a SMS with the word "club" to 37289 and we will be in touch.

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